September 2000 - Antique streetcar moved about 10 miles to the Saskatchewan Railway Museum on Pike Lake Road near Saskatoon.

October 1997 - This old Eaton’s catalog house was moved from Sonningdale to Dinsmore, Saskatchewan, about 120 miles.  Size 28 feet by 28 feet, over 30 feet high

After being “cocooned” for the winter, the building was moved through an opening made in the masonry wall, and into the museum building

The Settler’s Shack was placed and levelled in the museum building, to start its new life as an artifact at the Yorkton Western Development Museum


Moose Jaw, Saskachewan

January 2002 - Moving a number of items,

including this streetcar, at the Moose Jaw

Western Development Museum



January 2003 -

Lift a Hart Parr tractor and set on a railway flat car in the

Museum building.  This is

 another part of the development of the exhibit

May 1997 - Another heritage building saved by a local farmer.  This 40-foot by 40-foot L-shaped church was moved from the former townsite of Forgan, Saskatchewan, about 5 miles to the farm of Edith & Clare Sonmor, who wanted to preserve the church as a museum/heritage site

October 2002 - Western Development Museum, Yorkton Saskatchewan - Moving the Settler’s Shack from northwest of Theodore to the Yorkton Museum, aproximately 25 miles.  This log shack, 10 feet by 14 feet, was built shortly after 1900, and was a part of the WDM’s Saskatchewan 2005 centennial exhibit

Most of the existing mud between the logs remained intact after the move.


The shack was unloaded outside the Museum building, where it was wrapped in plastic and underwent several cycles of freezing and thawing, to ensure no pests remain, before moving into the museum building.


Note the height of the structure - the door is 4 1/2 feet high, interior head-room about 5 feet

August 2007 - Lift up Gustin/Trounce Residence for repairs to be completed.  This is Saskatoon’s oldest building at the present time


August 2007 - Moved grain elevator and drive shed from Mawer to the Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village Museum by Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.


This elevator was built in 1913 and has an 18,000 bushel capacity

Harris Water Tower moved to the museum in Harris, Saskatchewan

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One of Saskatoon’s first Trolley buses coming home