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July 2007 - 34 x 76 foot, 2300 sq. ft. bungalow moved for Conrad and Vicki Schuster from Bjorkdale to Lloydminster crossing the North Saskatchewan River

House parked beside the new foundation

The completed job – the garage is just being lowered and re-attached to the house, to give it a “never-been-moved” look! As the entire contents of the house and basement, including furnace, water system and all household contents, were moved with the house, all that was required at the new site was the hookup of electricity, water and sewer, which were completed the day following the move, and the family was able to live in the home immediately.

September 2002 – 4-level-split house moved for Bill Fraser, approximately 25 miles from the farm into the town of Unity, Saskatchewan.  The house was moved with the wood basement completely intact, including the wood basement floors. The garage was cut off and moved out of the way, and was moved separately after the house had been moved.  The house had a complete masonry and brick 2-storey fireplace, plus brick facing in the interior of the family room, which had to be given extra support for the move

August 2002—This 1923 model Eaton’s catalog house had the original brick exterior still in very good condition.  The house was moved from one farm location to another in the Dafoe to Plunkett, Saskatchewan area, a moving distance of approximately 80 miles.  This route was chosen to avoid shutting down the large power lines feeding the potash mines in the area, and to avoid several bridges.  The route involved a number of miles of dirt road, and a detour into a field to obtain the required clearance under one of the large lines.  A great deal of preparation was required to meet the customer’s main objective of moving the house with the brick intact

From Left to right, Vern MacEwen of Wiebe Movers, the customer, Grant Jones, and Grant’s son,  whose interest in the project inspired him to build a model of the house and moving equipment which he proudly displayed for the movers.


The  house is ready to slide off the lower portion of the basement.  The upper two feet of the basement, 14-inch thick concrete, has been cut and will be moved with the house, forming a support for the brick exterior.  Note the steel channels drilled and bolted to the concrete basement section, across the window and door openings, to give continuous support to the brickwork

August 2001 - House with wood basement intact, moved from Cutknife to Unity, Saskatchewan, a distance of about 25 miles.  Above, the house has been lifted out of the basement excavation, ready to be loaded for transport.  Size 1,680 square feet


32 x 52 foot house lowered 4 feet to make access easier - June 2006

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