December 1996 - Storage building, 60 feet wide by 120 feet long, moved for

ADM Agri-Industries at Lloydminster, Saskatchewan

May 2010 60 x 90 shop moved from Bruno, Saskatchewan to the Cudworth, Saskatchewan area a former car dealership now a welding shop

July 2013 34 x 114 barn moved on site and raised 4 feet to be used for storage in the Cudworth, Saskatchewan area

50 x 90 Building moved in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, March 2006

April 2002

This 100,000 bushel grain

annex, 34 feet wide by 78 feet long x 90 feet high, located at Marengo, Saskatchewan, weighing

approximately 350 tons, was moved 1/3 of a mile

This grain annex, weighing 475 tons (125,000 bushel capacity), was moved by Wiebe Movers Ltd. in August 1998. The building was 34 feet wide by 88 feet long and

97 feet high.


The annex was moved a distance of 3/4 mile and slid onto its new

foundation at Biggar, Saskatchewan



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